When Kate Middleton stepped out yesterday to play with some sheep and hang out on the beach with some surfers in Sydney, she did so in a dress cute enough to make even the most ardent Kate-haters pause and say, “Wow, that’s a really cute dress.”

Not only is the springy white eyelet dress by Zimmerman easily the best dress the Duchess of Cambridge has worn so far on her tour of Australia and New Zealand, it’s definitely one of the best dresses she’s ever worn, period. Top 10 for sure, and that’s including her Alexander McQueen wedding dress.

We adored the dress from the moment we saw it, and we were clearly not the only ones. Kate Middleton’s appearance instantly sent droves of would-be shoppers (“Copy Kates,” Grazia calls them) rushing to the Zimmerman website, which cracked under the pressure and crashed for the rest of the day.

The sad thing is the dress isn’t even going up for sale until June. The fact that it hasn’t gone on sale yet means we might have a chance to buy it for ourselves before it completely sells out, but we suspect the Zimmerman website will be inundated the entire month of June. When the dress does go on sale, it is expected to sell for about $460. Le sigh. That’s a lot for a day dress, no matter how cute. Even if it’s a dress a person could run in the sand and feed sheep in.

kate-middleton-zimmerman-eyelet-dress-2kate-middleton-zimmerman-eyelet-dress-ramEr. That sheep is really excited to meet the Duchess of Cambridge. I guess he likes her dress, too.

(Photos: Getty)