So, Kate Middleton wore a crazy hat to the wedding of her husband’s cousin Zara Phillips. A lot of people are saying it looks like a potato chip, but I think it also kind of looks like she got hit in the face by an errant pizza, and the pizza dough just kind of stuck there, just like that. A lovely snapshot of a moment in time. Her embroidered coat in this photo looks like a slightly browned tortilla, right after you take it out of the pan and fill it up with delicious burrito fillings. So basically, she is wearing carbs. She probably has them on the brain, poor thing. I bet she really misses them.

Anyway, to be fair, the hat looks slightly less atrocious from other angles:

There is also the possibility that she’s just trying to fit in with her new family and their eccentric, ovary hat wearing ways. How do you feel?

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