kate moss for topshop

Kate Moss must have a few more designer vintage dresses with missing labels in her closet, because Kate Moss for Topshop is coming back from the dead.

When the first Kate Moss for Topshop collaboration dropped in New York in 2007, the line at Barneys wrapped around the block. I remember it well because I was in that line, attempting to hide my face behind a book because I was supposed to be at work and a bunch of news cameras had shown up to report on the fact that a bunch of crazy people were standing in line for clothes.

Kate Moss eventually went on to create 14 collections for Topshop between 2007 and 2010, but we haven’t seen a Kate Moss for Topshop collab in several years. The absence has been disappointing, because Topshop can put together a pretty decent collab when it wants to. (Topshop’s collaboration with Christopher Kane remains one of my favorite designer collabs of all time.)

But according to Vogue UK, Kate Moss and Topshop have decided to start working together again with a new collection that will comprise 40 styles including clothing, shoes, and accessories. As usual, the collection will based off pieces in Moss’ wardrobe, because a wardrobe full of designer vintage dresses is the perfect source of “inspiration” for any would-be designer.

Kate Moss’ first Topshop collection was one of the first direct-to-eBay collabs, but now that big time designer collabs are a weekly event, it remains to be seen if people will still be stoked by Kate Moss for Topshop. The Kate Moss collections were always well promoted by Moss and her celebrity friends, though, and nothing makes a piece seem wearable like seeing it out of the ads and on people’s actual bodies. (Even if those people are famous and have model bodies.)

Kate Moss even wore one of her own under-$150 dresses to the Met Gala in 2007. She looked great, but most of the heavy lifting on that look was done by a pair of unconscionably ginormous art deco diamond earrings and the simple fact that she’s Kate Moss and can wear the shit out of some clothes. Moss put out a lot of really popular dresses during her Topshop tenure; my personal favorite was the one-shouldered white mini dress from the first collection that looked so cute on Selma Blair.

The collection is scheduled to launch in April, but given Topshop’s habit of sending samples out to famous people and style blog stars way in advance, we expect to catch sight of some of the actual pieces practically any day now.

Via Vogue UK/Photo: WENN