Kate Moss is no Miranda Kerr. While the glowy-faced Kerr gushes about her green juice and posts countless Instagram photos of herself doing yoga and being healthy and wearing organic facial masks, Kate Moss is wearing fur and leather and keeping a secret Instagram account and smoking like her plane is going down.

If Moss smokes like she’s getting paid for it, that’s in part because she is. According to The Telegraph, not only did she smoke on the runway for Louis Vuitton in March, 2011, but she actually has regular smoking breaks at 15-minute intervals written into her modeling contracts. You really can’t make Moss work for more than 15 minutes at a time without letting her stop to have a cigarette.

We’re weeping for the gorgeous designer clothes she must be smoking in, but other than that one anonymous “source” says she’s actually a relatively low-maintenance model to work with.

“Kate is actually a dream to work with compared to a lot of high-profile models,” the source opined. “But her one major stipulation is that she has extremely regular fag breaks.”

A break every 15 minutes sounds like a lot. Kate is a pro and can probably kill a cigarette more quickly than the rest of us, but we can’t imagine it taking much less than 5 minutes. Unless she has Janeane Garofalo’s quick-burning Lady Fair cigarettes from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, it seems like a quarter of the time she spends on any shoot is spent on cigarette breaks.

We kind of hate that this makes her seem more rock and roll than she was. Smoking shouldn’t be cool, but everything Kate Moss does is cool. Personally, I haven’t smoked in years and now I’m like, “Maybe I should go light one up.” I’m so impressionable.

Via The Telegraph/Photo: WENN