Etam Fashion Show - Front Row -S/S 2011 Collection Launch At Le Grand Palais

Because Kate Moss has long been associated with that particular high-fashion-brand of sophisticated heroin chic that makes you want to forget your parents loved you and involve yourself in an illicit lifestyle, it’s only natural that she’d partner with a brand called Carphone Warehouse to create a line of smartphone and iPad accessories.

Refinery 29 quotes Moss waxing poetic about her phone’s role in her styling:

“My phone’s as much a part of my look as my bag or shoes, and yet there’s so little choice out there. My whole approach was to treat this as any other fashion collaboration; I was heavily involved in the design process and loved seeing my vision come to life in the final product. From the quality of materials to design, I wanted the best for my range that reflected my personal style.” 

I get what she’s saying because I had this really sick cell phone cover when I was in eighth grade that really reflected my personal style (flared jeans, t-shirts that said “As If”)—it was iridescent royal blue with a flip attachment that covered the keys to avoid a butt dial. I was always butt dialing, but that little shiny thing saved me from accidentally calling Alex H. while talking about how cute he was to my friends. Will the Moss-Carphone Warehouse collaboration’s products be functional enough to meet my fairly high bar for phone accessories? We’ll find out when the collection launches this summer.

Photo: Getty Images