Because Kate Moss is getting to the point in her career when it’s time to go full tilt with a lifestyle brand, she’s launching a jewelry collection with the LVMH-owned French jeweler Fred. The collection (blanche) was, according to press copy, inspired by her own tattoos. Which is to say, “comprising anchor, heart, star and crescent moon motifs.”

…So, cereal. Kate Moss’ tattoos are cereal. Reports WWD:

[The] collection features 22 styles made from gold and precious stones. These range from stack rings retailing for 350 euros, or $473 at current exchange rates, to a wallet-busting 35,000-euro (or $47,300) diamond-and-ruby-encrusted scarf necklace.

The collection goes on sale Oct 1, in the brand’s stores in France but will also be available online. Although Moss has ended her residency at Topshop, she is still designing for Longchamp.