kate moss vogue uk cover topshop

Kate Moss looks hot as hell on the May cover of Vogue UK, despite the fact that she’s wearing a look comprised of almost 100% fringe. A silver fringed jacket looking phenomenal? I suppose stranger things have happened.

The cover celebrates Moss’s return to Topshop after going on hiatus in 2010. Starting in 2007, she designed 14 wildly successful collaborations with Topshop, and so we’re pretty excited to get a look at line. Moss’ silver fringed coat and star-printed skirt are both a part of the new line, which will be available in stores towards the end of the month.

Moss looks like a space cowgirl without the tackiness one would expect from that categorization–a somewhat remarkable feat when star-spangled and covered in fringe. Her makeup and hair styling might be part of what keeps this look grounded–her hair is typically messy and casually relaxed, and there’s no fuss to her makeup. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she’s not wearing any eye makeup at all (but I’m smarter than you, people who would sell me a crock of shit about going makeup free!). Her pink lips and peachy-glow is lovely, and it doesn’t look like she’s all gussied up for a red carpet. It makes that fringed number seem wearable for normals like us.

As Fashionista pointed out, Kate Moss isn’t a stranger to Vogue UK, modeling for the cover 34 freaking times in the last 20 years, and acting as a contributing editor since in 2013. 34 times? How can that be real? Well, it’s 35 now, and will hardly be her last. I think girl should go for 50 in total, at least.

Photo: Vogue UK