Is there anyone who hasn’t yet tired of Rihanna‘s whole bondage/rough sex/bad girl aesthetic? Like, didn’t it all jump the shark when she was showing her butt for Terry Richardson and simultaneously posing for a coconut water campaign?

Well, no matter. Here she is spanking a dead horse in V‘s December issue, alongside supermodel Kate Moss.

Though both look very nice as they engage in faux-lesbianism for the sake of fashion:

You can see Rihanna’s chest piece peeking out between her breasts in that one. Also, how do you feel about waistcoats over lingerie? Do you feel good or… less good?

And of course they grope each other (this is Fashion, after all):

Did you see that coming? We did! Plus plus chokers, implied nudity and blatant crotch shots.

Then again, no one’s saying Rihanna doesn’t look terrific in a catsuit:

This is the work of Mario Testino.

If you’d like to see even more of these deeply cliched images, you can go to the Rihanna fansite where we got them and witness them in all of their watermarked glory. We also learn these were taken in London and apparently Kate Moss is a huge fan of RiRi’s music. You learn something new everyday.