Kate Spade Beyond YOgaIf one of your New Year’s resolutions involves going to the gym more and getting fitter, you are not alone. Everyone needs all the motivation they can to keep their resolutions, especially ones that involve getting off the sofa to go on the treadmill. Thankfully Kate Spade‘s new activewear collection with Beyond Yoga has just launched, and it is exactly the sort of thing that will get us pumped to run that 5K…hopefully.

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When you think about new activewear lines, Kate Spade’s name may not be the first that comes to mind. Remember she did design a handbag collection based on cupcakes. Plus, she is known for her girly pieces with quirky cute details. However, the collaboration with Beyond Yoga is the perfect match. The line combines Beyond Yoga’s functional and durable fabrics with Kate Spade’s feminine details. These are pretty workout clothes, but things that will hold up to getting your fitness on.

The Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga collection includes tops, leggings, a bra, jacket and even a skirt. The line’s color palette is limited to red, black and white. However, it isn’t boring. Stripes feature prominently in the line. There are thick white stripes down the sides of leggings and a few pieces in the classic black and white striped pattern. The prices range from $84 for a bra to $179 for a jacket. A pair of full-length leggings will cost you $110, while a cami will set you back about $100.

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Check out some of the pieces from the line:

1. New Bow Jacket ($179, Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga)Kate Spade Beyond Yoga Neck Bow Jacket

Remember what we said about stripes and pretty details? Note the bow on the collar of the jacket. This is sporty meets sweet. It is the sort of piece that you can wear after your gym session and not feel like a slob if you run into anyone you know.

2. Tuxedo High Waist Leggings ($119, Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga)Kate Spade Beyond YOga  Tuxedo Leggings

Make like Gigi Hadid and wear these high-waisted yoga pants everywhere. The contrasting white stripe down the side makes them more interesting than your plain black pair.

3. Peek-A-Boo Bra ($84, Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga)Kate Spade Beyond YOga Bra

This bra has a classic shape, but there are lots of interesting details. There is the keyhole cutout near the hem and the thick straps are made from a contrasting fabric. They adjust to provide the perfect fit.

4. Slide Bow Slit Skirt ($93, Kate Spade x Beyond Yoga)Kate Spade Beyond YOga  Skirt

If you are a tennis player, you can wear this stretchy skirt with attached shorts to your next match. If you aren’t planning on becoming the next Serena Williams but want to look like you are, you can slip into this after your next yoga class.

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You really cannot compare your grubby old school t-shirt and ancient sweatpants to the line, can you? If you’re going to invest in the membership and the classes, treat yourself to something in the line too. It could be the secret to achieving your New Year’s resolution. *Fingers crossed*

Check out the Beyond Yoga website to see the full activewear collection!

(Photos: Kate Spade/Beyond Yoga)