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Yesterday was all about coffee, so it only seems right that we’re now talking about some kind of pastry (any police officer from any cheesy sitcom will tell you that that’s just the natural progression of things). The pastry in question? Cupcakes. The excitement? Well, other than the mere mention of the tiny, adorable treat, there’s the fact that Kate Spade is coming out with its very own cupcake-themed handbag collection! Insert really bad joke about the news being “sweet” here.

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In collaboration with Magnolia Bakery (a New York-based cupcake shop that makes specialty cupcakes and joy), Kate Spade will release a capsule collection of bags in the shape of cookbooks, pudding tubs, and full-on cupcakes in precious shades of pink. Just because the brand is making moves toward the professional and the home decor doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten the cutesy things that made them a household name—that much was made clear during Kate Spade SS ’16 NYFW Preview, where Jillian and I saw this adorable number:

kate spade dog bag

There were also bags shapes like carousels, teapots, and movie theater tickets, and I pretty much squealed in their general direction for the 20 minutes that I was there.

But I digress (it was a v necessary digression, I think you’ll agree). The Magnolia Bakery capsule collection ranges in price from $78 (for a cute little frosted-cupcake keychain!) to $348, presumably for one of her signature totes (I know it’s steep, but I have one of her bags, and they really are perfect). The line won’t hit stores or the Interwebs until October 12, so you have plenty of time to obsess over the photos and strategically plan your spending habits accordingly so you can afford the entire collection, because trust me, your inner five-year-old is going to want everything. Check out some of the pieces below:

cupcake bag

I’m pretty sure every little kid had something that looked like this, and the kids of today probably wanted one after seeing Charlotte’s daughter carry one just like it to Carrie’s wedding in the Sex and the City movie.

tub bag

I remember, when I was probably 10 or 11, I got my mom a hot pink handbag in the shape of a Chinese food takeout box, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. This is pretty much the dessert version of that.

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cookbook clutch

Yes, this is a clutch in the shape of a cookbook. Even people who don’t like to bake will be able to get some use out of this.

tote bag

For all those cupcakes you’re probably going to want to buy when you’re stress eating after spending all your money on cupcake-themed bags. They really have thought of everything.

Check back on Kate Spade’s website on October 12 to peruse the launch of the collection!

(Photos: Courtesy of Kate Spade)