Kate Spade Minnie Mouse(Photo: Instagram/KateSpadeNY)

There are a few common things that we can expect all brands to be inspired by: florals for spring, exotic destinations, Old Hollywood stars, and Disney. It’s easy to see why designers are constantly inspired by the latter: Disney is cute, nostalgic, and, of course, magical. If you’re looking for a few new Disney pieces to add to your wardrobe, Kate Spade recently launch the Kate Spade New York for Minnie Mouse collection. Surprise: it’s adorable.

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Lazy girls don’t even need to worry about trekking it to the store to get the line. The Kate Spade for Minnie Mouse collection is available exclusively online. The collection is made up of mostly accessories, but there’s an adorable sweatshirt that everyone is going to be coveting (even though we might be a little bit past sweatshirt season). There are Minnie Mouse-themed bags, clutches, and even two iPhone cases. Naturally the line is predominantly black, white, and red with plenty of obvious Minnie references (think tons of red bows). Prices range from $40 for a phone case to $328 for a bag, a.k.a. your standard Kate Spade fare.

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Take a look at some of the sweet pieces from the collection:

1. Kate Spade New York for Minnie Mouse iPhone 6 Case ($50, Kate Spade)

Kate Spade Mini Mouse iPhone Case

You’re going to immediately want to put this phone case on Instagram. It’s guaranteed to get you a lot of likes because it is the cutest. The case snaps on to any iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s for an instant upgrade.

2. Kate Spade New York for Minnie Mouse Comic Medium Bella Bag ($98, Kate Spade)

Kate Spade Mini Mouse Bella Bag

This patent PVC wristlet features a classic Mickey Mouse comic. Minnie Mouse is mostly the star of it, but if you look closely you will see Mickey. The slim bag has an interior side pocket to keep your phone and key.

3. Kate Spade New York for Minnie Mouse Bow Clasp Bag ($328, Kate Spade)

Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Clasp Bag

Sparkly black glitter is the perfect match for Minnie’s distinct red and white bow. Minnie’s actually face may not be on this bag, but it is still adorable. The frame clutch features 14 karat gold-plated hardware and a hidden snake chain.

4. Kate Spade New York for Minnie Mouse Sweater ($298, Kate Spade)

Mini Mouse Sweatshirt

If you’re getting a bag or a phone case, you need to complete your look with this sweater. This one will quickly become your favorite new fashion sweatshirt thanks to the sequined Minnie Mouse intarsia.

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Kate Spade always delivers the cuteness and the Minnie Mouse collection is no exception. It’s as sweet as the cupcake-themed line, and that is saying something. Here’s hoping that we see Minnie popping up again in the brand’s new sleepwear line or in a later summer collection. We can never have enough Minnie in our lives or closets.

Check out the Kate Spade website to see the full Minnie Mouse collection!

(Photos: Kate Spade, unless otherwise noted)