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Here at The Gloss, we love catching fashion magazines in their stubborn reliance on old cliché. Whether it’s cartoonish carb-loading or yet another faux-provocative editorial featuring sexy nuns or still more grocery store spreads or just, uh, racism–apparently there’s a painfully small number of ideas in the world.

V Magazine’s latest issue features an editorial called The Discreet Charm of Kate Upton–shot by Sebastian Faena, it’s ostensibly an homage to Buñuel, but it’s also yet another fashion spread preoccupied with a bored, beautiful woman in designer clothes. Upton’s character appears to be having an affair (though she never sets down her Marc Jacobs bag)–while her many, many precursors are stuck with less glamorous household chores. But all of them are dressed to the nines!

Enjoy our gallery of gorgeous women staring vacantly off as they tend their sprawling houses and suffer under terrible ennui.