The ever-enchanting Kate Upton has once again done something lovely. This time, it’s a short, charming piece for Vogue Germany’s December issue directed by Bruce Weber to the tune of “It Had To Be You.”

In the primarily black and white, vintage-inspired video, she and a few male companions–Aaron O’Connell, Matthew Vande Vegte, Tim Easton and Casey Levens–frolic the day away in some fantastic clothing (and occasionally nonexistent clothing). They flirtaciously roll downhill, skip through a field, lounge in a pool, ride horses together and show off their excellent individual bone structures. Also: smizing, seductive face-touching and giggles abound.

The whole thing is seemingly themed around what Upton accomplishes extraordinarily well: adorable sexiness. She’s so magnetic! Really, check it out:

Other things Kate Upton could somehow make adorably sexy:

  • Competitive hotdog eating
  • The DMV at 4:30 pm
  • Livejournal
  • Real World/Road Rules: The Challenge: SVU: Miami (i.e. all existing bad TV)
  • Present-day Nicholas Cage
  • Flip phones (namely Motorola’s Razr)
  • Stale ramen
  • Lint
It always surprises me that she’s only twenty, as she has such an excellent, mature onscreen presence. Plus, I find it reassuring that she wasn’t fat-shamed into losing weight (in that sad way where things that should be standard can make you happy because they’re still surprising). And considering how successful her career is so far–just a mere two decades into her life–I think the whole “having the last laugh” thing is on her menu. Did I mention she’s also an amazing equestrian? Basically, she is awesome and can turn anything into cute-hot gold.

Photo: YouTube