Kate Upton's photoshop fail in Elle Magazine.

Just your daily reminder: even models like Kate Upton aren’t immune to being considered “imperfect” enough to photoshop into oblivion.

Rewind: You know those cute little ditties in celebrity magazines where famous people’s personal trainers are all, “You normals can totally get this body if you just work out like 15 minutes a day sometimes”? Yeah, those are ridiculous and we all know it–a considerable number of celebrities’ images involve professional hair, makeup, styling, and of course, photoshop. Fortunately, total fails like that of ELLE Magazine’s recent piece on Kate Upton are here to keep us a little more grounded regarding what we’re seeing versus what the reality is.

In a piece called “Kate Upton’s Trainer Spills Her Fitness Secrets”–titled as though the trainer was simply wasted at a bar and started babbling nonsensical tricep workouts–fitness guru David Kirsch explains to readers what they can do to get a similar look and routine as Kate. This would all be well and good, and not at all a noteworthy story, had this simply been accompanied by a photo of Kate Upton doing her Kate Upton thing (i.e. looking hot). Instead, the magazine opted for the above photo, which featured her arm being shaved and blurred down via photo editing. Tada!

Kate Upton's photoshop fail in Elle Magazine.

So obtainable! At least, if you’re a half-human/half-Ent who can grow palms out of her underarm. (Yes, I just made a LOTR reference with regard to Kate Upton’s armpit; no, I will not stop watching The Two Towers bi-weekly.) According to Mr. Kirsch, we all obviously have the time to get beach-ready:

“Make time for one or two circuits first thing in the morning. No one can tell me they don’t have 10 or 15 minutes extra minutes a day. I don’t believe it. You don’t have to do 90 minutes.”

I would go on an angry rant about how frustrating it is to be told that I totally have the time the time every day to get in Kate Upton mode when, in fact, the only way for me to look remotely like Kate Upton is to live-photoshop the crap out of myself…except I have some cookies to eat and “one or two circuits” to ignore. Peace out, ELLE. Enjoy your palmpits!