Finding leaked nude photos of Kate Upton would be like winning the Internet Lottery, and one website was so desperate to get those sweet, sweet perv clicks that they just made their own “nude” photos of Kate Upton in Photoshop. But that sort of juvenile asshattery is not OK or legal, so Upton is threatening to sue the pants off them.

According to TMZ, the joke celebrity website “Celeb Jihad” posted the salacious and misleading headline: “Kate Upton Naked Outtake From SI Swimsuit 2014.” Inside, however, they just had pictures from Kate Upton’s 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot that had been doctored to make it look like she was topless.

The photos were reportedly obvious fakes, but the people googling “Kate Upton Topless Photos” don’t seem to care. Neither do Kate Upton’s lawyers, who smacked the site with a righteous cease-and-desist letter threatening to sue if the photo wasn’t taken down immediately.

The website rolled over and acquiesced immediately. We’re not surprised. From the amateurish look of the website, it doesn’t exactly look like it has a lot of money or power behind it with which to deal with lawsuits from angry celebrities.

This is not the first time that particular site has gotten in trouble for pulling this kind of obnoxious shit, either. Faking nude pictures of celebrities appears to be the site’s primary reason for existing. According to the Daily Mail, they previously ran a bunch of fake nude pictures under the headline “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?” Swift’s lawyers also got the pictures taken down.

In Upton’s case, the specific picture in question was taken down and replaced with a GIF of Upton in a translucent white T-shirt emerging from a pool. But this morning the site posted an entirely new story full of fake nude pictures of Kate Upton. Instead of doctored photos from Upton’s recent SI shoot, these are just straight-up porn stills with Upton’s face Photoshopped onto them. We doubt this will go over any better with Upton’s lawyers.

We hope she sues them into the ground.

(Photo: Sports Illustrated)