This is Katie Henderson, an up-and-coming fashion illustrator who happens to have Down Syndrome. Born in the suburbs of Washington, DC, Katie grew up with an interest in fashion and fashion design, which evolved into tracing images of models from magazines. This eventually lead to freehand drawings and, over the course of several years, the development of her own unique, striking style.

Katie has inspired praise for her dynamic composition and the surprising movement evident in all of her illustrations. The Steinhausen Gallery even compared her to Picasso, saying “Katie’s art transcends boundaries as she captures the essence of the beauty of the female form. Her unique perspective transforms the ordinary into a cubist world. From whimsical to classical fashions, it is her hope that people will smile and have fun when viewing her ladies.”

Katie works primarily with markers and pencils, though she’s apparently begun to experiment with watercolors and acrylics. At 30-years-old, she was featured in her first gallery this year and has since exhibited in public and private galleries, and shown in several juried art shows. She also donates originals and prints to fundraising events that benefit breast cancer research and individuals with disabilities.

You can see more of her drawings (with a few fascinating side-by-side shots of the original works) at Fashiontographers and read an interview with Katie’s mother Ruth over at Fashionista. Or, learn more about her at her website.

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