(Image : Newscom)

After wearing the most ugly looking white satin one-piece outfit with lace, Katie Holmes has been seen around town trying to make amends to the Fashion Gods by looking stylish again. I think the linked outfit sounded great during sketch and conception time but the execution fell apart completely. Anyhooo, here is Katie Holmes wearing a belted plaid blouse with flare jeans and boots accessorized with a scarf. I’m not a plaid person except with skirts but I like this look from Mrs. Tom Cruise. She’s starting to fit real well in Manhattan ;).

Here’s my version of Katie Holmes Belted Plaid Shirt & Flare Jeans look for less :


dELiAs plaid shirt, $34.50

Flare Jeans, $15 (Or Bailey low-rise flare jeans, $39.50)

Braided leather belt, $16.83

Brown faux leather boots, $26.99

scarf, ($8.99)

Yes I know the colors are not even close..LOL. But hey, the idea of the look is there :).

(Images : dELiAs, WetSeal, Amicluwear, Amazon, Charlotte Russe)