karl lagerfeld collar

Let’s play the “how much do things cost” guessing game! Which I guess is actually called The Price is Right! Whatever. There’s no prize here but knowledge. This collar costs…

1) $15.75 – Urban Outfitters

2) $500 – Opening Ceremony

3) $37,500 – Designed by Karl Lagerfeld

4) $59,000 – A prototype designed by Katie Holmes for Scientology centers.

I’m sorry it wasn’t 4. I mean, that would have been amazing. And kind of worth it. But no, it’s just Karl Lagerfeld, sticking diamonds on everything again. This collar was made for the Brilliant exhibition at Masterpiece, London and it will be on display until July 4th. After that, you can buy it off of Net-A-Porter for $37,500. You could also buy, I don’t know, a person. For a year. That is a year’s salary for some sort of editorial assistant someplace. But they would not come with a hand sketch done by Karl Lagerfeld, and that is why things are better than people.

Hah! Kidding. You’re not going to buy this because you are that editorial assistant.  If it makes you feel better, you will likely be able to buy it at Urban Outfitters for $15.75 in the almost immediate future, and it will look essentially identical, so take comfort in realizing that you are 37,500 times smarter than whoever buys this and ends up going around looking like s/he is doing an obscenely expensive imitation of the artist formerly known as Prince. – pic via Net-A-Porter