My Little Katie launch, KP Equestrian range celebrates it's 5th birthday

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Katie Price around–the UK’s #1 glamour model/chav icon/eternal woman child hasn’t had much presence stateside since her reality TV show went off the air.

But! You can’t keep a venal, fame-obsessed cartoon version of a person down!

Apparently she’s been a busy lady. Did you know she has an equestrian line (the prosaically titled KP Equestrian)? Neither did we! Did you know it recently celebrated its five year anniversary? Neither did we! Did you know that Katie Price celebrated said five year anniversary of her equestrian line by dressing up like this:

Katie Price Jordan my little katieWe’re sorry. Perhaps we didn’t make that clear enough.

…By dressing up like this:

Katie Price Jordan pony costumeSo, this is terrifying.

But please take a moment to really revel in the bejeweled platform sandals she’s managed to incorporate into her pinky pony costume, which–going further–she’s managed to sexualize and infantalize in the same go. Which is pretty impressive, in a perverse way.

One more, right?


Katie Price AKA Jordan KP EquestrianWe would like to meet the horse-enthusiast who’s actually targeted by KP Equestrian; that jacket she’s standing beside is–granted, albiet for a Katie Price-endorsed item–pretty confounding.

(Photos via Wenn)