Katy Perry Red Carpet for Grand Opening of "Britney : Piece of Me"Katy Perry showed up last night at the premiere of Britney Spears‘ Las Vegas show wearing something we have no explanation for. Maybe her stylist is on vacation for the holidays and Katy Perry is trying to do fashion on her own. Or maybe it’s a charitable gesture towards Britney Spears, doing her the favor of taking the “worst dressed” spotlight off whatever awful thing Spears was going to wear last night. Neither explanation is good enough to even approach being able to make sense of this monstrosity.

Katy Perry Red Carpet for Grand Opening of "Britney : Piece of Me"From the ground up, Perry is wearing black, clompy, buckle-covered 90s boots; matte black thigh-highs that only go just above the knee; white fishnet tights, a tutu, a tacky metallic pink leather Chanel backpack, and a giant sequin sports jersey that says “Nu Frenz 0

Where does a person even buy clothes like this?

Katy Perry Red Carpet for Grand Opening of "Britney : Piece of Me"

Maybe Katy Perry has no new friends because everybody hates her little pink Chanel backpack.

When an outfit is this bad, we usually like to talk a bit about how nice the celebrity’s makeup looks, but we can’t even do that here, because it’s pretty bad. Perry’s hair is pulled back so painfully tight it’s giving us a headache to look at, and her luminizing foundation is way too shiny. Dewy skin is popular, but it can definitely go too far, as Katy Perry proves here by showing up to a red carpet wearing foundation that makes her look like a damn Kewpie Doll.

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