Katy Perry can’t resist a ridiculous outfit. In what will surely become our standard introductory copy for a “Katy Perry wears outfit” post: we’ll say again that whenever she walks a red carpet, she’s always in a costume, usually a mermaid, pin-up, or Happy Meal toy (sometimes she mixes it up and goes for Kim Kardashian or pink lady) (or yeast infection).

While premiering her new, inexplicably 3-D film Part of Me in LA last night, Katy wore the above sartorial homage to cinema (which had us nostalgic for Jean Paul Gaultier‘s classic take on the same theme).

On the one hand, it’s just another example of Katy Perry putting something silly, cartoonish and eye-catching on her breasts. On the other, that popcorn is so realistic! Seriously:

That’s just impressive craftsmanship!

So, yes, Katy Perry’s Breasts As Focal Point is pretty played out, but we can’t really justify calling a performance outfit a “fashion disaster.” Perry’s whole act is being cartoonish, after all.

We can, however, critique the outfit she wore while walking the actual red carpet. Here she is outside the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre wearing a scarlet Dolce & Gabbana dress that’s equal parts sultry and retro:

And, weirdly, we… don’t hate it! We actually kind of like it! Granted, we’d change the makeup and why did she match her shoes?? But it’s a lovely color on her and the shape is quite flattering (if not at risk of shortening her from a couple angles).

So, our usual criticism of Katy Perry is that she’s in costume. Don’t get us wrong, this is costume-y too, but in a way that suits her and doesn’t seem as exaggerated. We like it the same way we liked Bianca Balti in that opulent Dolce & Gabbana creation at Cannes. Make sense?

(Photos via Wenn)