Last night, at Canada’s MuchMusic Awards, Katy Perry was party to a number of fashion hiccups. First, she condoned a child’s wearing of cupcakes over her breasts, which strikes me as somewhat inappropriate. But she didn’t stop there! Later on in the program, she appeared onstage in the above outfit, which appears to be an abstracted representation of what it’s like to have a yeast infection. (Or any vaginal infection, really.)

As you can see above, once she lost her butterfly wings, Katy Perry was left wearing a flesh-colored leotard with rhinestones fanning out from her genital region. Maybe I’ve got a fantastical imagination, but those sparkles look like sparkles of pain to me. Sparkly, yeasty, itchy, pain. Left untreated for whatever reason, that pain spreads slowly throughout the body until it feels like you’re one, giant, walking, throbbing vulva. I realize there are also sparkles emanating from her boobs, but you can get an infection there, too.

Then, of course, there’s the age-old adage that sequins are the herpes of the fashion world, which doesn’t help matters much. This outfit has a lot of herpes on it.

What do you think? Am I being ridiculous? Seeing sickness in perfectly innocuous things? I promise I don’t have a yeast infection right now.

(Via WENN)