Katy Perry‘s new Prismatic Tour starts in just a few days, and she’s been offering the best possible teaser to get us hyped up for it by releasing designer illustrations of her tour costumes, and they’re amazing.

She started with the very best, of course. Her first look is a butterfly-inspired gown by Valentino Haute Couture. It’s made of tulle and encrusted with multicolored butterflies and is worn with a heavily sequined butterfly-wing cape. We can’t wait to see that one in person, and we think we’ll like it even better than her music-note-covered Valentino Haute Couture dress from the Grammys.

The second look is a sexy blue sequined mini dress by Roberto Cavalli. It’s more predictable than the first look, but that neckline is going to make Perry’s boobs look enormous.

Statistically speaking, there had to be one look we didn’t like, and given how much Katy Perry has been wearing Jeremy Scott‘s controversial (and, IMHO, completely awful) first collection for Moschino, this one was a shoo-in. Katy Perry says the outfit will put a smile on our faces when we see it. Doubtful. It will, however, put a big smiley face on Katy Perry’s ass.

The smiley face bra top and matching, high-waisted 80s skirt with peace symbol leggings seem like they’ll be as much of a mess on Perry as the ill-fitting outfit Scott put her in for his Milan fashion show. The motorcycle jacket might be cool on its own, though.

This look is cool, though. Nicolas Jebran gave Perry a bright pink, sci-fi looking space costume that looks like a lot of fun for a performance piece. The exaggerated shoulder armor makes her look like a Power Ranger, and given Perry’s cartoony pop persona, that’s pretty fantastic.

There are more looks to come, and Perry will presumably be letting them out over the next 7 days as her Prismatic World Tour countdown continues. So far they look so strong we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. (Hopefully more Valentino, because that thing is just amazing.)

(Photos: Instagram/KatyPerry)