Normally when I hear the name Katy Perry I’m tempted to shove  my fingers into my ears and try to forget the culturally appropriative mishaps that were her Dark Horse music video and her 2013 American Music Awards performance. Katy’s love for cultural appropriation makes me want to dramatically shake my fist at the sky every time I hear Fireworks. That said, even I got a little (okay a lot) more excited about her perform at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show after seeing the outfit she wore to promote it.

We all know that Katy loves covering her boobs in the most unexpected objects, ranging from cupcakes to Elmo’s eyes. Her Super Bowl-themed outfit was no exception. Katy pulled a Katy Perry and showed up for a press conference and television appearance in a skirt and crop top covered in, you guessed it, footballs.


The blue and orange get-up had drawings of footballs on her boobs and her stomach. She also wore a huge blinged out football charm on a gold-chain around her neck and had little footballs dangling from her ears. The only thing that was missing was her Super Bowl-themed pedicure which I’m surprised she didn’t show off in a pair of flip-flops. Katy looked like the HBIC of the NFL and I’m actually (kind of) here for it.

Katy’s RVN-designed outfit reminded me of the one thing that she does incredibly well: wear fantastically campy costumes people can’t stop talking about. When she leaves her culturally appropriative costumes at home, Katy whips out costumes that are an ode to kookiness and originality. That’s what I appreciate most about her. The fact that Jeremy Scott has designed the looks we’ll see on Sunday night only makes me more eager to see what she struts around with Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot on the halftime stage in. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be something that leaves other people’s cultures alone and sticks to the campy desert-themed aesthetics that Katy does best.