Keira Knightley Wore Double The Fashion At The Serpentine Summer PartyIs anybody else excited to see Keira Knightley‘s new movie Begin Again? I am, and not just because I have been on a bit of a Mark Ruffalo kick lately forever. But now is not the time to talk about that! It is instead time to discuss what Ms. Knightley wore to the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party in London on Tuesday.

At first glance, it is a little difficult to distinguish what she is wearing in the above photo. She looks great, there is no doubt about that–homegirl is crazy pretty, c’mon. We know that what she is wearing is a dress, but is it two dresses? Is it a dress with a petticoat underneath? Is it a pair of low-riding tulle bloomers that will soon be a hit with trendy middle schoolers? And is it a very elaborate craft project or something much more expensive?

The answers: just one, no, no, and something much more expensive. It is, in fact, a Chanel gown from the design house’s Resort 2015 Collection, though I cannot imagine wanting to wear it to a resort. It is double the dress–or at least double the amount of effort you need to put into peeing.

Keira Knightley Wore Double The Fashion At The Serpentine Summer PartyContrasting patterns work great oftentimes; here, however, the patterns are two similar in design and color scheme to actually offer much of a difference. Instead, it looks as though Chanel ran out of fabric after making the top portion, decided it wanted to continue creating a gown, and just snagged the closest option it could obtain. Once it was done with that bolt, Chanel’s designers had a tutu laying around and figured they might as well use it, so the dress’s bottom portion was born. Voila! A dress. A dress to be worn by their mannequin Keira Knightley in public.

I have found this past year’s Chanel silhouettes more than a little odd, though oftentimes, they seem to wind up being incredible. In this case, I am just a little perplexed. On the bright side, her hair and makeup look absolutely beautiful. Check it out:

Keira Knightley Wore Double The Fashion At The Serpentine Summer Party

It’s simple, carefree and pretty–just the way a beauty look should be for such a wild dress and a summery event.

Photos: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images