keira knightley smoky eye chanel

Normally it would take a lot to convince us that the pairing of Keira Knightley and Chanel could ever be bad, but Karl Lagerfeld and Knightley’s makeup artist were apparently feeling mischievous last night when they sent her out to the premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit looking like an evil maid.

keira knightley chanel

We love Keira Knightley, and we love the Wednesday Addams look, but this has gone right past Ms. Addams and Keira Knightly would not look out of place wielding a butcher’s knife or a pair of red scissors.

Without the messy hair and the intensely smoky eye, the dress would just look like the uniform of an extremely twee little maid. Zooey Deschanel would probably look twice and declare it too costumey.

Keira Knightley can wear a smoky eye like nobody else. We’re still trying to copy her Oscars makeup from 2006. This is actually a nice example of the smoky eye, and it’s sparkly and blue in close-up pictures. But paired with the messy hair and the navy dress with its too-wide white bands and excessively twee little bows, she looks like an angry ghost creeping through the halls of the Downton Abbey servants’ quarters to get revenge on Thomas the evil footman for whatever evil plot of his trapped her in endless torment.

Come to think of it, we would watch the hell out of that show. But it’s still not a great look for the premiere of one’s big splashy action movie.