Keira Knightley’s full ad for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle campaign is here. If you don’t want to invest the next 3:00 minutes of your life in this* the plot is as follows:

Keira Knightley is a model. In A CLEVER SPIN ON AN OLD CONVENTION, Knightley seduces her photographer. After removing her clothes seductively, she tells him to “lock the door” (also seductively). In the (approximately) 10 seconds it takes him to do that, she manages to silently get out of bed, put her catsuit back on, leap from a window into a courtyard below, and get on her motorcycle… all just in time to look up at him saucily.

The story doesn’t quite check out, though. Unless Knightley has the gift of flight. And she can teleport. Or the photographer has some sort of terrible wasting disease and it actually took him twenty minutes to get up and lock the door (impossible, because he seems pretty spry throughout). But I think the most obvious affront to realism is that no one–not supermodel, not Knightley–could get into the catsuit without help.

*you do not