kelly clarkson duetsWell hello there Miss American Idol. Kelly Clarkson might not have meant to make a cutting comment about her industry and the stars that inhabit it, but her discussion about fashion in the music industry was rather perceptive if you ask me. Let’s all think about how many artists lately have used their fashion choices to gain publicity in a crowded market. Sure, Lady Gaga is the easiest target, but Rihanna, Jessie J and Lana Del Ray are all well-known examples. And while these ladies are seen as making very unique choices, they normally have a huge sex-appeal component with a dash of trendiness or high fashion for balance. In fact, their gimmick has become pretty predictable, right?

During the interview in question, Clarkson was actually talking about her mentee in the new show Duets. “I need [Jordan] to be comfortable on stage and people are pushing her to wear something else and that is not our focus,” said Clarkson. It’s funny given that Clarkson’s own past-employer puts a lot of emphasis on musicians creating and conforming to an “image.” Every year, someone is the sexed up girl in the high heels and short skirts.

But even outside the world of competition reality shows, Clarkson had a good point to make. “Not only can the music be formulaic, but the attire can be formulaic,” she said. “Just like music, with style there is room for everything and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is that person’s thing.”

Just in case you weren’t sure exactly what she was talking about, her examples made it pretty clear. “This is such a funny industry. Sometimes I turn on awards shows and pop stars are wearing alien costumes, I’m like, ‘That’s cool for you but ain’t no way in hell someone is going to convince me to wear that on stage.’”

It’s nice to hear a female musician acknowledge the pressure women face to look a certain way in the music industry. And it’s nice to hear her differentiate herself from her diva-peers. “I don’t want to wear no stiletto. I am not a model and I am not Beyoncé. It is not going to happen.” Alright, she kind of ruined it with a negative, but still. We can give her some credit for pushing against the pressure to be in spiked Louboutins and a bandage dress.

(Photo: FYI)