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It’s official guys. The month of January is going to bring us New Year’s resolutions, super cold weather and the return of one of the funniest shows on TV (to me at least) The Fashion Police.

Today E! released teasers featuring the show’s new cast members and air date, which is January 12th. If the promos are any indicator of how good the newest version of The Fashion Police is going to be, I’d say they’re on target to make Joan Rivers pretty proud. Everybody looks more than ready to deliver their characteristic sharp wit and show us why they’re part of the Highest Court of Fashion in the land.

The promo features Joan’s replacement Kathy Griffin and new cast member Brad Goreski serving high fashion along with their castmates Giuliana Rancic and  Kelly Osbourne. Even though I know that Kathy is technically the star of the show all I could think about after watching the promo was Kelly’s lavender mohawk-pompadour. I used to think that Kelly’s lavender hair was too much, but it’s managed to grow on me.


I’ve been following Kelly ever I saw her on The Osbournes on MTV back in the day and I love how her style circa 2014 manages to marry punk aesthetics with more sophisticated silhouettes. Her purple mohawk-pompadour and the ladylike skirts that she rocks in The Fashion Police promos are perfect examples of making two very different trends work.

The only person I’m looking forward to watching more than Kelly is Brad Goreski, who won my sartorial heart when he was on The Rachel Zoe Project way back when. Between Brad’s bowties and Kelly’s mohawk I can’t wait for this new era of The Fashion Police to begin.

kelly osbourne purple pompadour body photo 2 via e entertainment youtube

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