Kelly Osbourne 2015 Grammy Awards makeup hairKelly Osbourne has now gotten involved in the Giuliana Rancic and Zendaya dreadlocks controversy. Kelly spoke out on Twitter about the uproar about Giuliana’s comment that Zendaya’s hairstyle probably smelled like weed. Furthermore, she questioned whether she should stay on as one of the co-hosts of Fashion Police.

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To recap, Zendaya attended the 2015 Oscars and ditched the pixie wig she had previously worn at the Grammys for long dreadlocks. A lot of people liked Zendaya’s cools dreads while others were uncertain. Giuliana was not a fan. On the Fashion Police Oscars special, Giuliana made a comment about how Zendaya’s dreads probably smelled: “I feel that she smells like patchouli oil… or weed. Yeah, maybe weed.” This prompted Zendaya to issue a well-worded response on social media about her hairstyle and how she wouldn’t tolerate “ignorant slurs” and “being disrespected.”

Kelly posted a tweet about how she refused to be dragged into the situation. She said that Zendaya and Giuliana are adults and can resolve it together. She also pointed on that Zendaya is one of her friends.

Later on, after the controversy continued to make headlines, Kelly said this needs to be sorted out in 24 hours.

The last tweet Kelly posted was about of she was questioning staying on Fashion Police.

Giuliana apologized to Zendaya on Twitter, shortly after Zendaya posted her message. Furthermore, Giuliana said she was sorry Zendaya, and everyone she has offended during her newscast. There have been no comments from E! about Kelly’s comments so far.

Hopefully Kelly will stay on Fashion Police. She shows that you can critique celebs’ outfits (even if they are her good friends) in a funny way without being disrespectful. Obviously she can’t say what made her so upset, whether it is the whole controversy, or Giuliana’s remark, but it would be a shame to see Kelly leave. It is not Giuliana’s show, and people should realize that Kelly may have a different opinion than Giuliana. If anyone has to leave in the situation, it really should be Giuliana.

It will be interesting to see who will be on the Fashion Police panel next week. Whatever people are there. let’s hope they will think more carefully about their “jokes” and outfit critiques so we don’t have a repeat of this situation.

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