Kelly Osbourne Presents Stories... by Kelly Osbourne

I’ve looked up to Kelly Osbourne for most of my life. When I was a well-behaved child, she was a rebellious Hot Topic goth with a dad who ate live bats. When I was a teenage dork, she was a classy fashion expert. Nowadays, I’m an angry fashion blogger who gets overly passionate about the rights of plus size shoppers, and Kelly’s an angry fashion designer working to fight against size discrimination. We’re kindred spirits. Basically.

We at The Gloss got really pumped when Kelly announced that she’s working on a new clothing line— whose name she tattooed onto her scalp, if you’ll remember– and we got even more excited to hear that Stories… will accommodate everyone from a size 0 to a size 24. Kelly’s own weight fluctuations have been well documented over the years (hello, kindred spirits!), so it’s important to her that each of her designs look equally good on a variety of different frames. She tells Women’s Wear Daily,

We cut three patterns, and if the design doesn’t look good in all three it does not go through. … Because I have been everything from a size 0 to pretty much almost a 16, depending on the brand, it made me realize all the tricks I had learned to cover up certain areas or to detract from certain areas, and what I like in clothing.

So cool. It makes me a little bit sad to give someone kudos for doing what other designers should have been doing all along, but I’m glad Kelly’s setting the stage for others to follow in her footsteps. Her manufacturing partner even gave WWD a quote about how it’s not cost-effective to produce clothes in such a wide range of sizes, so you have to know that her decision to do it this way comes from a place of integrity. That’s badass. I can’t wait.

Via Jezebel / Photo: Getty Images