Kendall Jenner in the Givenchy Paris Fashion Week show close

By now, you may have noticed that Kardashian semi-offspring Kendall Jenner is making leaps and bounds in her modeling career, darting past all the divorces and public weddings and really public weddings that the rest of her family seems prone to. This weekend at Paris Fashion Week, Kendall walked in yet another show: Givenchy. And she looked hilarious.

While I am digging the dress Givenchy put her in, Kendall’s makeup made her look like a giant baby. F’real.

Kendall Jenner in the Givenchy Paris Fashion Week show

Angry baby at the Givenchy show

To be fair, all the models in the show looked like giant babies. Here, let me show you:

Angry baby Givenchy show

Angry baby

Angry baby Givenchy show model

Angry baby Givenchy

Yes, I know it was a stylistic decision meant to accent the clothing and yes, I know that fashion can be really weird, but that doesn’t mean I will miss an opportunity to discuss its baby-ness. I realize designers cast primarily young people in their shows, but they don’t need to make them look like literal babies.

Marc Jacobs put Kendall and her nipples in his show recently, so it’s clear that she will likely be popping up all over the place within the next year. Not only is she a decent model (no, really), but brands know that casting her will make for some serious press. While these are by no means small brands, the world of fashion is no longer in a bubble, and it helps introduce yourself to a new generation who might not pay even a slight bit of attention to high fashion by utilizing one of their heroes. And her nipples, which people seem to love.

Anyway, I suppose this means I should add, “Mildly Enjoyable Career Looking Mildly Angry” to my list of things you should steal from babies.

All Givenchy photos via Getty, baby photos via Shutterstock.