Well, this is embarrassing: Kendall Jenner has been selected to be the face of L.A.’s Fashion’s Night Out, thereby solidifying the worst stereotypes of Los Angeles and lending credence to the notion that all you have to do to make it here is have a famous family. (Granted, having a famous family doesn’t hurt, but must we celebrate it?)

In an ad for the upcoming event, an almost-unrecognizable Jenner was shot by Moshe Brakha in a Georges Chakra gown and Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto heels. She was styled by George Blodwell.

Look — I’m sure that 16-year-old Jenner is a lovely young woman with plenty of potential, but at this stage of her life the Kardashian’s younger sister has no real qualifications except her last name. And while that’s all well and good for starring in a reality show, it would be nice to use this particular event as a way to showcase the actual fashion talent in the city — the people with legitimate credentials and legitimate backgrounds.

We’re better than that, FNO.