Coachella is just around the corner, which means there’s not much time to get your festival costumes together. You could spend the next week helplessly braiding yourself a flower hippie crown, or you could just outsource your outfit to a pair of super rich, reality TV teenagers and buy your entire ensemble from Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s PacSun line.

We recommend doing that. It just sounds easier.

“Get sprung! @kendalljenner & @kyliejenner are unleashing new arrivals to their Spring Collection on April 4th online and in PacSun stores,” the company announced on Instagram.

There will, of course, be jorts. Pre-broken-in cutoffs are a staple of Coachella, and you’ll need at least one pair. There will also be so many crop tops you will be tempted to get a navel piercing. (Do not get a navel piercing. Crop tops are never trendy for long, and I personally know too many awkwardly healed 90s navel piercings to ever recommend one. Go ahead and get a crop top, though. If you don’t wear them now, you’ll regret it when you’re old.)

The Coachella gear also includes maxi dresses, which are a summer necessity even if you’re just going to the grocery store and don’t want to wear a bra or shave your legs. (Hey, that also works for Coachella!)

The best part is that it’s cheap. According to Teen Vogue, the Kendall & Kylie line costs between $19.95 and $49.95, so you can buy all your jorts, maxi dresses, and crocheted crop tops all in one place. We can’t be sure, but we’d be willing to bet the young Jenners will even sell you sunglasses and a flower crown.

(Photo: Instagram/PacSun)