In the style battle between Kylie and Kendall Jenner, I am absolutely, irrevocably a member of #TeamKylie. She singlehandedly (and by that I mean “her stylist singlehandedly”) innovated the dark-brown-to-teal ombre, she rocks the hell out of menswear like it ain’t no thing, and she looks annoyingly cool even without pants. But Kendall Jenner definitely has her moments. She can pull off white skinny jeans in the winter, and call me crazy, but I actually thought that scary-high-slit dress was kind of cool.

Either way, prepare yourself, because yesterday Kendall had one of her best Instagram style moments to date. The caption? “90s babies.”

As a 90s baby myself, I love so many things about this picture I’m not sure where to start. For starters, that red pout is everything I aspire to be in this world: perfect, vibrant, and in imitation of Kylie Jenner. Kendall is still nailing those lip plumping hacks Kylie gave her for Christmas, and I for one am thrilled about it. I’m at the point in my life where I’ve accepted that the Kardashians are going to look at least little bit ridiculous at any given time, so the Kylie lips work for me.

But the main event is obviously this Canadian tuxedo, and I cannot get enough. When going for the Canadian tux look, there are two guiding principles: 1. Wear two different tones of denim, and 2. Wear two different fits: one oversized, one tight. Kendall looks amazing in what are basically the skinny version of 90s mom jeans, and an equally #90s oversized denim shirt.

As a bonus, I went into the Gloss archives and discovered that another Kardashian sister has attempted the Canadian tux in the past year…

Kim Kardashian, who is reportedly due to marry Kanye West this week, has lunch with Serena Williams in ParisKim Kardashian is mostly pulling off this look, but Kendall has surpassed her by far. Kim’s denim is too tight-all-over, and the colors are almost exactly the same. Not to mention those weird cowboy-esque double buttons on the shirt, which need to go. As always, Kim is trying too hard, and her younger sisters are just flat-out cooler.

Step aside Kimmy. All hail Kendall Jenner, new reigning queen of the Canadian tux.