Kendall Jenner is the only Kardashian with a real job, and it turns out she’s actually really good at it. When she first announced her intent to become a model, the world was skeptical. But the 18-year-old recently walked for Marc Jacobs and scored a major campaign for Givenchy. But while those are big coups for a young model, the thing that makes me most optimistic about her future career prospects is how good she manages to look wearing this ridiculous plastic rain hat for Love magazine.

In another major career victory, Kendall Jenner scored the July cover of Love magazine, and she posted this ad for her upcoming issue on her Instagram. Her cover was shot by David Sims and styled by Love editor Katie Grand, who was responsible for casting Kendall Jenner as an exclusive in the Marc Jacobs show last season. Grand is such a fan of Jenner’s that a cover seemed inevitable, but this is still a big deal for such a young model. Grand seems to have real faith in the young reality TV star’s ability to make clothes look good, otherwise she never would have asked her to wear a blue plastic rain hat with ears on it.

But Jenner rocks the silly hat with a smoldering intensity and a smize that would make Tyra Banks proud. The American-themed photo celebrates the 4th of July by spraying Jenner soaking wet, leaving her with just a smoky eye, bare lip, and bedraggled hair stuck to her face and neck. Most of us would look completely ridiculous, but Kendall Jenner still looks like a damn model. It’s good to know that if the bottom ever falls out of the “being a Kardashian” business, Jenner has something to fall back on.

(Photo: Facebook/Love Magazine