Kendall Jenner white pants sweater Hailey Baldwin(Photo: Sharppix/

Once again proving that wealthy, attractive people can truly do anything they want to, Kendall Jenner wore white pants to get ice cream cones with Hailey Baldwin and Shamari Maurice and did not spill on them like literally every normal human would. Sure, we’d like to enjoy the luxuries of being ridiculously rich and famous, but the no-spilling thing–now that’s a privilege we all can wish for.

Kendall paired her white J Brand ultra-tight skinny jeans with a mixed-plaid sweatshirt from Band of Outsiders, giving it a cool, wintery feel. To be fair, she’s in Los Angeles outside the Sprinkles ice cream shop, so how wintery does she really need to be? She also carried a Celine purse that (A) cost more than four months of rent for the majority of us and (B) had a little “Bag Boy Karlito” key chain inspired by Karl Lagerfeld swinging from it, just as any other model would want to.

Kendall Jenner white pants sweater(Photo:

I’m admittedly a little jealous; I doubt I could pull of these white super tight jeans. It’s not that you need to be skinny to wear skinny jeans (seriously, that notion and overused saying drives me nuts), but styling white pants is really hard, even in the summer when wearing white is practically requisite depending on where you live. Having access to designer clothes like that of Band of Outsiders keeps this look stylish, and having access to/the money for the dry cleaners anytime you need ’em doesn’t hurt, either. Plus, if you’re anywhere as clumsy as I am, you understand that these are just not a pair of pants you want to risk wasting money on; I know full well I would spill eggnog and/or whiskey and/or chocolate cookie crumbs all over them within hours.

It’s hard not to go back and forth on Kendall Jenner, re: modeling. At times, she comes off as being actually pretty great–she’s photogenic, good at posing, walks pretty well in runway shows, and all that good stuff. But then she gets spanked by Santa Claus or participates in weird pseudo-incest photo shoots for a magazine and you’re like, “Oh yeah, you’re just famous because you were on a reality show with your equally fame-hungry sisters.” There’s just something about her in the above photos that feel permanently posed, like she wants so badly to be a supermodel and carry herself as one, but she cannot quite pull off the type of effortless high-fashion glamor that Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, or Iman inherently possess.

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Then again, who knows? Maybe Kendall is actually going to be one of the biggest supermodels of our day. She doesn’t have the unique appeal of Daphne Groeneveld or Lindsey Wixson, but she can pull off white pants, which is harder than just about anything on Earth. Even diamonds. Even diamonds like Kanye gave North West for Christmas.