Kris Jenner Comments On Kendall Jenner's Topless Photos Prove Once Again That She's Weirdly Jealous Of Her Kids

On Wednesday, topless photos of Kendall Jenner appeared online from a photo shoot with Interview Magazine. While the pictures were “tasteful” (i.e. they did not contain nipple, though I firmly believe nipples aren’t proverbially tasteless), the pictures caused a large uproar among those who dislike the idea of 18-year-old Jenner posing without a shirt. For this, her momager Kris Jenner had some harsh words–but they were ones that were actually more weird than poignant.

In an interview on Thursday, Kris told the Huffington Post how she feels about negative responses to the photos:

“She’s a model and that’s really her profession. And she’s really good at what she does, and she’s just come off of a great fashion week.”

Okay, fair enough. After all, Kendall is the only Kardashian-related family member with a real job that they did not just make up themselves. I mean, her most famous sibling is exclusively famous for being talked about on a regular basis. But what about her body, Kris? You haven’t told us nearly enough weird thoughts you have about it.

“She has like, the perfect body, especially one that wants to be in the modeling business. I don’t know, I got a lot of curves and I couldn’t pull that off. But she always looks remarkable.”

Oh! Um, okay. For the record, I think it’s more than a little weird for any parent–mom or dad–to talk about their child’s “perfect body” like that, especially during an interview with the media, but it also is a solid reminder that Kris Jenner is bizarrely jealous of her children. Comparing yourself and your body to your kid’s is an odd thing to do, and one that can definitely do psychological damage to a daughter’s self esteem and body image–even when it’s positive. You shouldn’t be saying one family member’s body is better than another’s, no matter what.

You know the tired, outdated and sexist trope of older women being jealous of the younger ones? For example, the Daily Mail made the premiere for The Other Woman–a film that’s anti-female competition–into some jealousy fest involving Cameron Diaz desperately hoping to steal the spotlight back from Kate Upton, even though they both looked incredible on the red carpet. It’s a silly stereotype about women that we’re always hoping to be younger and prettier, as though we are all simply milder, toned down versions of the Evil Queen. But then there’s Kris Jenner.

Photo: Brian To/Getty Images