kendall jenner vogue paris 2

Kendall Jenner‘s modeling career is seriously going places–she landed herself a Vogue Paris shoot in their June/July issue. That’s a pretty fantastic leap from reality TV star, and one that took her sister Kim Kardashian years to accomplish (Jenner is only 18). She shared some photos from the shoot on Instagram, and I can barely even remember that she’s part of the Kardashian clan. I know that’s high praise, but I’m feeling benevolent today.

The Patrick Demarchelier-shot photos features a lot of sinister, severe expressions to match the Prada and Givenchy looks. As our Managing Editor Jenni Maier astutely pointed out, she “looks like a wealthy orphan going through a goth phase.”

kendall jenner vogue paris

Jenni’s point is perhaps best exemplified in the above photo, where Jenner looks like she might ask “Please sir, may I have some more?” while torrenting a Buzzcocks album she didn’t realize happened before she was born.

kendall jenner vogue 3 copy

This is my favorite shot from the spread–they look like a sinister version of The Pips after The Pips got stuck on a religious compound in Utah. Fashion!

My thoughts about the spread notwithstanding, this is certainly one hell of an accomplishment for the young model. It’s Vogue! Kendall has been consciously trying to distance herself from her family‘s career as being a family famous for no reason and to actually make it as a serious model, and this is certainly a giant leap forward. At this point, she’s the only one in the family with a job that doesn’t entail having cameras film her bodily functions. Hooray!

Photos: Instagram