Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Launch Party For Kendall + Kylie Fashion Line At Topshop

When it comes to Kardashian/Jenner fashion choices, it can definitely be hit or miss. While Kim has her style mastered and Kendall is the fashion world’s new darling, it’s hard not to poke fun at some of the things they’ve worn.

So when the first photos of Kendall and Kylie’s debut collection started hitting the interwebs, I was agog at how much I was into it. And now that photos of the entire collection have appeared online, I think I need someone to pinch me. Guys, scrolling through the 80 photos, I think there’s maybe one or two things I wouldn’t wear. And that’s saying something. Because I’d say if you sent me 80 photos of Kendall and Kylie’s outfits, I’d be hard pressed to say the same thing.

Kendall + Kylie takes another page out of the Kardashian/Jenner playbook and turns personal style into a business model. “This collection is really important to us because it’s a reflection of our point of view in the fashion world today,” Kendall told Vogue. “We’ve matured a lot in our tastes and aesthetics and are inspired by so many people in the industry, that creating this line is something we’re really proud of.” And that maturity is recognizable within the pieces they’ve created.

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The collection is priced reasonably, ranging from $60-$298 and the shoes are between $100 and $200. The taste level, however, looks high-end and impeccable, which is something I never thought I’d say about anything Kardashian/Jenner-related (minus the runways that Kendall has walked because, obviously). It will be sold in department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom and online at Shopbop and Revolve and I think I will be bookmarking practically everything to buy when my tax return comes in. Here’s hoping they don’t sell out as quickly as Kylie’s lip kits did because Lord knows the Internet loves her.

Kendall and Kylie are strangers to the retail front, as they’ve recently launched their second collection with California-style retailer Pac Sun, which included a prevalent ’70s vibe, and had pretty great success in a holiday line for TopShop. This collection, however, is decidedly more modern. The chicness is palpable. From the gingham cropped tank/trousers set to the two-tone denim draped trench, the style is something I can get on board for.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:



The great thing about this collection is it doesn’t feel forced, like say, Kris Jenner’s questionable choice to debut a range of Momager-approved pearl necklaces on the same day her daughters were debuting their line. But that’s none of my business. Everything from the cutout jumpsuit to the just-barely-there lace dress screams “fashion forward” and it’s a breath of fresh air from a family that sometimes feels like they’re stuck in 2010.

See the entire collection over at Fashionista and get your browser ready because it drops on Revolve’s site tomorrow.

(Photo: Getty Images)