kendall and kylie launch

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ICYMI, Kendall + Kylie, a.k.a. Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s surprisingly impressive debut collection, has officially launched at Nordstrom. Now, you can (almost) literally buy the clothes right off of Kendall and Kylie’s backs, just like you’ve always wanted. The collection, though, is limited to clothes and shoes, and while that’s great and all, I can’t help but feel disappointed at the lack of accessories. They must have heard one of my late-night rants on the subject (who hasn’t, TBH?), because, as it turns out, they’re working on their own line of sunglasses!

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Unfortunately, we don’t know anything concrete yet, but Kylie posted the following pic to Instagram with the caption, “@kendallandkylie sneak peek” during her and Kendall’s launch event for Kendall + Kylie at Nordstrom yesterday:

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Her Snapchat offered a much better look at the sunnies in full:

Aviators are my favorite kind of sunglasses by a mile, so I’m obviously stoked to see that this is the first pair they’re putting out. Like I said before, there’s no concrete info or official release date, but I’m hoping they’ll be here in time for Summer 2016!

When you think about it, eyewear makes a ton of sense of Kendall and Kylie. Both have a seemingly endless array of sunnies in different colors and styles, and they can rock ’em all. Here’s just a few styles we’ve seen Kendall and Kylie pull off that we hope they’ll include in their own namesake line:

1. Classic Top Gun-style aviators:

Like I said, aviators are my favorite kind of sunglasses, and a gold-framed, opaque black-lensed pair is my go-to, so I’d love for Kendall and Kylie to crank out a pair of their own. Given how often Kendall wears them, I imagine that’s not too far out of the question.

2. Oversized cat-eye shades

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Not that’s I’d ever really wear them for fear of looking like a bug. I just think they’re cool.

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3. Round frames

I’ve recently developed a fondness for round frames, and actually, they’re perfect for festival season.

4. Whatever these are called

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I think they’re technically aviators, but I’m actually not sure on this one.

5. Colored frames

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And, of course, nothing screams Summer like a pair of brightly-colored (or even pastel) sunglasses.