Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope aka the imaginary BFF of everyone at The Gloss is pregnant! According to US Weekly, she’s about four months along with her first child with her husband, NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. Congratulations!

While we’re excited that Kerry is going to welcome a baby into her life, we’re also pretty excited to see how she’s going to rock maternity wear. In my opinion, she’s a flawless dresser, someone who uses fashion to express herself in a way that’s somehow both elegant and edgy. She’s not afraid to take risks with her clothes and I freely admit that I basically love everything she ever wears. My personal gushing aside, Kerry was named #1 on Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed list this year, so it’s not just me who thinks she’s Queen of Clothes. Queen of Clothes + pregnant belly = guaranteed sartorial amazingness.

Based on what Kerry’s worn in the past, here are a few maternity outfits I could totally see her wearing over the next few months.

Kerry’s not afraid of color, as evidenced by her red carpet style (like this amazing Oscar de la Renta she wore to the 2013 NAACP Awards):

44th NAACP Image Awards - Arrivals

Photo: WireImage/Getty

So I can definitely see her in something like this gorge royal blue gown from Seraphine Maternity:


Photo: Seraphine Maternity

She’s never been known to shy from a print, either:

Variety's 5th Annual Power Of Women Event

Photo: FilmMagic/Getty

Wouldn’t she look amazing in this graphic black-and-white floral dress from Topshop?


One of the things I really love about Kerry’s style is that she wears white often and she wears it well. Case in point:

The Paley Center For Media Presents She's Making Media: Kerry Washington

Photo: WireImage/Getty

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that there’s a dearth of non-terrible-looking white maternity dresses out there on the internet. I can’t wait to see Kerry wearing white with a baby bump, but I feel confident Kerry can find a better dress than this achingly sweet one from Motherhood Maternity:


Kerry’s style is often playful, like when she wore this dress with lip and rhinestone appliques to the Teen Choice Awards:

Fox Teen Choice Awards 2013 - Gallery

Photo: FOX Image Collection/Getty

So I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in something a little unexpected for a pregnant woman, like this bold, fun and bright ASOS maternity dress:


And of course, you know she’s gotta wear some incredible coats a la Olivia Pope:


I could definitely see Kerry (or Olivia, should she ever carry a tiny gladiator-in-a-suit in her uterus) in a fabulous coat like this belted one from Isabella Oliver:


The only question left to ask is what amazing coats, cardigans and jackets is Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo going to dress Kerry in to disguise her baby bump? Bring it on.