Ke$ha is one of those celebrities who only surprises people when she acts like a normal person, so you’d think this type of news would only be met with mild surprise. But no: it’s still weird. It’s just fucking weird, and I am both surprised and confused.

According to BANG Showbiz, the singer asked her followers to send her one tooth each. Her fans apparently did not question this request and happily obliged. When she received over 1,000, she designed and created a bra, headdress and earrings out of her collection.

Yes, really.

She claims to have done it to feel connected to her fans, but I’m starting to wonder if she has some bizarre Ed Gein complex minus the murder thing (he would’ve loved head studs!). Or maybe she’s just the most extreme form of upcycler we’ve yet encountered. Either way, Ke$ha just secured her spot as one of the most bizarre celebrities of our day.

Unfortunately/fortunately, though she insists she’s “worn it out!” there is not yet a photo of the grossest lingerie ever made, so here is a photo of Ke$ha doing aerobics in an antichrist costume made of candy (or something):

May visions of Ke$ha and her crown of molars stay far away from your dreams.

Photo: Dan Jackman./