Well, it’s nice to know Kevin Federline is spending Britney Spears’ money real well. In designer suits. I mean Brit Brit’s ex-hubby doesn’t have to work, no child support to pay (except the kids he has with that other woman, where he gets the money, hmmm??), he doesn’t even have to pay court costs. It doesn’t matter to him how many times he has to wake-up early for another court appointment. Britney Spears pays for everything. As usual, HEH!

But yes, at least he’s buying nice suits for brief appearances here and there just to remind people, hey, K-Fed is still here. Papazao ain’t going anywhere. Nice suit and tie K-Fed!! Nice diamond stud earrings too.

I just had an epiphany. Since most of Britney’s employees are family members anyway, starting with her Dad/Conservator who gets paid at least $2500/week,  maybe she should hire Kevin as her stylist. hehehehe! Keep it in the family right? =P

(Image : Newscom)