At first glance some people might say Kid Dangerous Grime Couture shirts are too basic. But after that initial assessment maybe you’ll appreciates it’s basic quality. Like they always say, sometimes, less is more. OR, Keep it Simple… yah know.







The basic, casual and the “tongue & cheek” aspects of Kid Dangerous Grime Couture shirts are probably what’s drawing celebrities into owning them. Celebs like Jamie Foxx, Adrian Grenier, Zac Efron and even female celbs like Britney Spear, Jennifer Garner, just to name a few are big fans of Kid D shirts. It’s a laid-back street-fashion that’s cool and unique as well. AND, the prices are not that bad at all wiht prices ranging from $40 to 90.

You’ll find Kid D merchandise on over 175 boutiques nationwide (Nordstrom, Macy’s, Fred Segal, Planet Funk, W Hotels, Free’s Shop in Japan, etc) and online inluding Kitson, Revolve Clothing, Bare Rebel, and Electric Tangerine.

(Image : Revolve Clothing)