At the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto yesterday, Katy Perry arrived to find a bunch of small children dressed in various looks from her music videos. One had cupcakes where her breasts would be if she were ten years older, another resembled some version of Marilyn Monroe, if Marilyn Monroe had the body of a little boy (or girl), and still more rocked miniskirts and high heels.

So the question is, adorable, or inappropriate? I’ll be honest — I’m sort of on the fence. I mean, kids dress up like adults all the time. Right? Halloween, and whathaveyou. Yes, Perry’s looks are a little more sexualized than, say, a ghost, but it’s kind of cute. On the other hand, there is something decidedly uncomfortable about a little girl with cupcakes on her unformed chest.

What do you think?

Photo by Reuters via Buzzfeed