fashion easter louis vuittonIn honor of fashion week, runway shopping outpost Moda Operandi has made a pretty cute video—half-pint fashionistas ( a.k.a “Fashion Easters” in six-year-old-ese) playing dress up in designer clothing whilst trying to pronounce the names of designers who often cause marble mouth syndrome for many adults, yours truly included.

Overall, it’s completely aww-inducing and funny watching these cuties staring dumbfoundedly at a difficult name (Giambattista Valli, we’re looking at you) among clips of them stumbling around in over-sized high heels. However. We’re right there with you if you feel a twinge of discomfort during the extended version of Moda’s video, which we chose over the one-minute version, to embed below.

Sure there are more cute moments of kids being innocent and saying the darndest, wise-beyond-their-years things like, “be who you want to be” and “high heels hurt a lot to walk in.” But then come the answers to implied off-camera questions like where would you carry a crystal-encrusted watermelon purse (“A fruit shop that costs a lot of money”), or would you pick this or that (“I can’t pick, I need everything” and “No. I need something that will make me money”). Though part of us want to brush it off as not a big deal and assume she means money in the Swingers sense, we can’t help feel just a tad bit bothered by how kids this young are already hyper-focused on money when they barely have a concept of what it is.

But hey, these kids are cute, so let’s not worry about it, right?

[vimeo video=”104803442″]
MODA OPERANDI presents THE FASHION EASTERS from Moda Operandi on Vimeo.