First of all, Kim Kardashian has a jewelry line and we’re sure it’s awful and will probably turn your skin green (really, you’re better off buying warped gold bangles at Forever 21 and gluing rhinestones to them). Anyway, jewelry designer and Hollywood favorite Alexis Bittar–he of the many statement bangles on actress’ wrists and seriously trippy lookbooks–has declared he will no longer loan his designs to Kim for red carpet events… because her jewelry line Belle Noel features a few pieces that look a little too much like his. …This comes as a surprise to no one. After all, she has do something in between endorsing useless products and being horrible.

Though Bittar doesn’t come right out and accuse her of directly ripping him off, he does work in a nice little jab by suggesting it may not be her fault:

You have to be very careful to pick and choose your battles. I haven’t talked to Kim about it, the truth is she might not even know. She might be so far removed from it (the design process), and her designers just go shopping and knock things off. But we are definitely not lending to Kim any more, she has been barred.

In all fairness, he’s probably right. The design process almost certainly works like this: Kim’s team produces a bunch of drawings of garish statement jewelry “inspired” by the stuff she wears and she waves her hand (thumbs up if yes, thumbs down and the illustrators are fed to lions and replaced within two business days). Kardashian’s people insist she’s not inspired by Bittar and she’s simply a woman of the world:

“Kim is constantly inspired by her travels which she incorporates into her designs. She hasn’t ever noted any inspiration from Alexis Bittar’s pieces so any similarity in design is purely coincidental.”

There’s a bunch more photos floating around comparing the designs, but Styleite has the most compelling evidence:

What do you think?

(Styleite via Jezebel)