Kim Kardashian has committed a lot of fashion crimes in her day, and this week she committed perhaps the most heinous when she sliced a Dior dress in half to create a DIY crop top in which to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Doing that to Dior is normally not a thing we’d be willing to look past very quickly, but in this case we’ve already forgiven her, because she bought us off with a new picture of North West. (Besides, her crop top and skirt Pinstrosity reminds us so much of Nasim Pedrad‘s epic Kim Kardashian impression on Saturday Night Live that we can’t help but smile. We can practically hear Jay Pharoah as Kanye West shouting, “Kim is a genius!”)

“BFFs!” Kim Kardashian said of the Instagrammed picture of North West being cuddled by cousin Penelope Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter.

North West, who has clearly already learned to make adorable faces for the camera, wears a cuddly white onesie and a yellow bib, while Penelope wears a trendy gray cable knits sweater that is probably softer than a thousand bunnies and costs more than a unicorn.

This is the first time we’ve seen Kim Kardashian’s baby with any of her cousins, though Celebuzz reports that Kardashian says all the Kardashian babies are best friends.

“It’s so cute how they all love each other so much!” Kardashian said.  “Penelope and North are BFF! Mason bosses them around and is super protective.”

Kardashian has said that North West will not be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians the way Penelope and Mason Disick have been, but that’s probably a good thing. At the moment, we’re pretty sure Kim could light a Birkin on fire, and all she’d have to do is flash a picture of that cute baby and her adorable cheeks and all would be forgiven.  If we could see North West’s extreme baby cuteness whenever we wanted, Kim might not be able to buy our good will as easily as she can right now.