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I have to admit it, I have a thing for North West. I am ambivalent at best about Kim Kardashian, but North West may well be the cutest baby in the world. If that baby had an Instagram account I would follow it. (Even though giving an infant an Instagram account would almost certainly violate the terms of service.) But until North West can post her own baby pictures, we’ll just have to rely on Kim Kardashian to share the wealth. Well, the cuteness wealth. She’s not going to be sending us checks any time soon.

On her episode of Ellen yesterday, Kim Kardashian treated the world to some brand new pictures of North West, and now she’s posted them on Instagram for the rest of us, along with something much more rare: a picture of Kanye West smiling.

Even the eternally dour Kanye looks happy when he’s playing with North West, and Kanye normally wears a facial expression that looks like he’s just been sent to a time-out. North, on the other hand, always looks ridiculously happy in pictures.

Kim told Ellen that North has been liking these baby headbands with flowers and stuff on them. Sticking cute things on babies’ heads does seem to be one of the best ways to have fun with a baby until they’re old enough to mix cocktails and make YouTube videos with cats. Of course given the number of crazy high-end clothes North owns, one can’t help wonder about the cost of the cuddly gray outfit she’s wearing. Since I don’t recognize it from her Christmas haul, I’m just going to have to assume it costs more than my apartment.